1st entry of the year… on the 7th.

Oh, darn it. Failed my ninth 2017 resolution by only writing here on the 7th. Supposed to have 7 entries already for the year! Boo hoo.

What to write tonight?

Blank page?

A fast and furious movie (the first installation of the franchise) playing on HBO right now in front of me?

Synchronising current content of iP7 with the laptop’s iTunes?

The still unfinished Kisah Laki Bini by Hamka Kereta Mayat, lying by my side?

So many things to type, so little will.

I think I’ll just do what I need to do, i.e. type down whatever, one page and one day at a time. Who knows, I will make enough sense to turn it into a full-fledged manuscript one fine day.