Missing the days of putting down random thoughts and feelings on screen.

I have another front now. Paid, formal front which I am supposed to put up all my writing works-in-progress in order to build a tribe (read: die-hard fans and followers) so I can achieve my objectives of becoming a famous author who benefits every single reader I have.

I must be crazy to have so many layers of writing space – formal, semi-formal, casual, totally personal and no holds barred. How many walls do I need to put up in order to stop people from seeing the real me? The real, empty, there’s-really-nothing-going-on-in-my-head-and-heart me?


It’s not everyday you see me going into such a confessional mode 😉

Truth be told, I am in one of those moodless phase. You know, that outdated phase all authors go through when they just want to write and not write at the same time.

I just miss the time where I can type away without any care in the world.

Yup. Miss those days.


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