March on, march left and right!

Did you get the pun above? Yes? No? Okay, whatever 😉

It’s the third month of the year. Day 62 / 364 (yes, minus one day this year because we do not have 29 Feb). What’s achieved? What’s ongoing? What’s pending?

Now I just realised that we seldom stop, take a deep breath and smile for things that we have achieved on a daily basis. Come on… if we have not achieved anything, how do we live on a daily basis? Non-stop, always ongoing?

For example, yesterday, I achieved a completion of one job, a 20-odd-page document translation. I also finalized the short story to be included in the song-inspired short story project. Just waiting for my two buddies to finalize theirs so we can send them in together. I also re-open the TnG order in the school group.

I need to think of these, otherwise I’d go crazy over the things that are still ongoing! Haha!


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