Things you found during spring cleaning sessions.

Selagi kita hidup, tak ada istilah ‘terlambat’ untuk memulakan apa-apa.

As long as we are alive, there is no such thing as ‘too late’ to start anything.

I wrote the above. Nine years ago. In a note book (as in, a physical compilation of empty lined papers) with a fancy, colourful cover. Now, as I look back, I was given lots of opportunities to start many things. Alhamdulillah.

The note book also contains numbered list of 30 things. It was dated 08.06.06. The list was titled:


Okay, so I did not complete the list up to 101 things. I guess my younger me felt that 30 was good enough. Now, almost nine years down the road, can anyone guess how many out of the 30 things that I can cross off the list?

30? I wish, but no.

0? Come on, I lost the list. Not my life 😉

15? Well… cross the first number and you get it almost right.

Right. I crossed SIX things off the list. After nine years. Leaving me with TWENTY FOUR more things to do before I die. I will be crossing a couple more this year, Insya-Allah (God Willing). My question now is:

Will I have time to complete it all? Is it even feasible, or logical, to complete it all, looking at my current situation? Does it have to be – feasible, or logical – to be done?

Most importantly, why did I start it and why would I want to complete this list?

Questions. All around. So many. What are the answers?


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