I find that…

… it is easier to translate English into Malay, compared to translating Malay into English.

Or, it could just be a matter of practice makes perfect.

Alright, my head is just jammed right now. And sleepy. Yawn.

It is an International Book Giving Day. Anyone wants to give me books? 🙂

I like that I’m getting my groove back. That I can free type and the words fly by. Alhamdulillah. I also like that I can walk down the memory lane, especially the bad ones, and be able to rewind it without feeling like I’m falling down the deepest, darkest of the dark hole.

But, this site is still a secret from my beloved. I just feel like I’m not ready to let him read my diary. Online, public as it is. Heheh.

One day, Insya-Allah. Just not today 🙂


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