So, blog is back as the ‘in’ thing, huh?

That’s interesting. And amusing, somewhat. Anyway, it is now a marketing tool. It has always been one, just that it is more strategic and systematic in my eyes now 🙂

I have increasingly shared the link to this blog in the social media. There will come a time when this becomes the place I share long thoughts and opinions on things that matter to the public. A time where the personal space becomes completely public (completely, as it is open for anyone to read in the first place) and the truly personal stuff goes into the private, password-locked space.

To those of you new readers, welcome. This is me. I think and type in English more often here. But I am still a Malaysian Malay, and I write professionally in Malay, so don’t worry. A language is a medium, and in many ways it forms part of your identity. However, its usage does not define who you are. Your character defines who you are 🙂

Have a great morning and a fantastic day ahead, everyone!


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