Clicking on blogs on the list,

sends me into a realisation.

Most people have moved on. Their blogs are no longer the medium of choice to say things which are on their minds and hearts. The dates of their last entries say it all. The silence engulfing their blog pages is deafening. The memories adorning the old stories/moments recorded are crinkling, wilting, almost waiting for their inevitable death.

Almost, but not quite. Most of them, but not all.

As you can see on this particular blog, I have not moved on. Well, virtually, of course. This place is still something special to me 🙂 It is unfortunate that I did not have the same foresight to preserve my previous three abodes. Yes, I have blogged at three platforms before settling down here. I wish I could say that I saved all my entries there, but alas… it is not meant to be.

Although I am pretty sure the blogs and their content are floating around somewhere. It is the nature of the net. I am under no illusion that I am anonymous. This is an information superhighway, and nothing gets lost. Really, nothing. Whatever information or misinformation we have about ourselves, about others, are just lying around somewhere, waiting to be rediscovered and reused.

Nonetheless, you know that if anyone bothers to dig dirts on you and remind the world about the dark side you used to be in or who you thought you were, it simply means that you have gone up so high, people are jealous enough to bring you back down.

Forgive yourself. Deal with your past as you would deal with any history. It was there and done. It cannot be changed, and it defined and made who you are today, for better or worse. You can only learn from it. Do not repeat anything that does not make sense, even if it did once upon a time.

That is actually more of a self reminder.

By the way, I wrote fully in English today, because I need to let out (and subsequently, let go of) my annoyance at a book I just started to read yesterday (having bought it months ago). It was written in English by a Malaysian writer.

The book annoys me because the flow of the language and the structure of the sentences is so Malaysian-flavoured, I feel like reading a direct translation off G00gl3 Tr4nslat3. And believe me when I say, it is bad.

The story could have been a great one, you know? Too bad the language freak and snob queen in me are alternating in crying in exasperation and screaming in desperation at the choice of out-of-context words, the grammatical errors/inconsistencies and the inappropriate abbreviation of full words at times.

To be fair, the book was an initial attempt by both the writer and the publisher. I want to see if this entry will give me a shot at landing a freelance editor position with them.

What do you think? 😉


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