I finally did it.

I posted my first novel at a local online writing portal for the universe to read and comment. Three chapters uploaded so far, and it has accumulated more than 300 reads over one and a half week.

My first short story will be published as part of an independent book consisting of 50 readers becoming writers and being ‘literate’ (this is the exact translation of the name of the project group). 50 readers put down their thoughts and pen out positive stories about what inspire them.

I am excited about this project. I wrote about a guy who left his early religious upbringing and was brought back to the path by the death of his childhood religious teacher. I wanted to give hope that whatever mistakes you have done and whatever hard lessons you have to learn in order to get back on track, it can be done. You just need to want to get back.

Although my writings are yet to be formally published under any publishing house, and I am still for all intent and purpose, a self-published writer – how else would you term the existence of this blog? – the sensation and feeling now is different. It is a whole new world, letting people out there read, judge and think about what you are saying.

The attention and the thought process that commences out of reading the words Allah let me type and published online is sobering – heavy and light at the same time.

Heavy, because what I say is now on me. I know, really know, that at least someone, somewhere out there, reads what I wrote and possibly takes my words into consideration when deciding something. That is big – knowing that you have the power and responsibility over others.

Light, because I can finally let out what has been in my mind, in my heart, on paper, in drafts within the confinement of my laptop, all alone, not knowing if it makes sense – and share it with the world. Letting the thoughts and ideas Allah sent to me to be read is a contribution. I feel that I have played a part and contributed something to the good of the world.

Finally, I have started. So now the only way to go is forward, and progress.

Alhamdulillah. Insya-Allah. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.


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