Do people even do this nowadays?

You know, typing out long entries of what their days are like…what they cannot say out loud in public…that secret love and desire they have for someones/somethings…

Well, is blogging still the in thing?

I guess so. It’s just me who have lost it, being a boring and ordinary person that I am now 🙂

Not much to write about, when there’s not much out of the ordinary is happening. The country is going into another election soon, anyway. That, is a lot of upcoming changes and expectations are abound. I plan to fulfill my responsibility as a voter and ensure that my voice is counted, as usual. It is going to be my third time.

Looking around and looking back, I feel sad about how the battling members of the political parties continue to downgrade their worth by  each racing towards getting the dirts out of the others. The real issues that need to be addressed are muddled by name-calling, finger-pointing and the dramas of what bad things have their fellow contestants done in the past or at present. There is no more fair fights and gentlemanly competition.

And I wonder what kind of leadership are Malaysians facing.


2 thoughts on “Do people even do this nowadays?

  1. takpe2 .. kita tunaikan tanggungjawab sebagai pengundi, selepas itu teruskan kehidupan. We have to take care of ourself, not expect the government to do it for us.

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