November rain…

Oh yes, it has been a rainy November alright, where I am. Every single afternoon. And some mornings as well.

And I love it. I love the rain and the coolness it brings the situation. Minus the thunder and lightning. Sama macam Che Ika 🙂

What am I doing right now, listening to Splash TV while I type? So…shallow, to say the least. But then, I don’t go NatGeo all the time either, so…

By the way, I’m reading so many books nowadays I don’t bother typing out the completed ones at the Bacaan page anymore. Perhaps I’ll start a fresh one for 2013. Seriously I am catching up on my unread books and keep buying new books. I am so a bibliophile. I hope to get off this habit when I have other things to distract me. Example of  other things? Writing a novel. Having a baby. Being so damn busy at work. Whatever.

Cousins just left, taking hostel stuff of the youngest who left it here during the semester break. Heh. Dah bergaduh dengan PakNgah, tak reti nak minta maaf, tukar port pulak. Not that I mind; there are plenty of space here anyway. My point is, mak bapak bermasam muka sebab anak-anak, apa kes kan? Pandai buat pandai la betulkan keadaan. Dapat apa dengan mengelak dan simpan diam aje? Makan dalam dowh.

Anyway. I am now watching (possibly a re-run of) The Bachelor Season 14. Woohoo. Eye-candy y’all!

Okay, I am going to stop blabbering now. Have a great weekend, whoever is reading. Signing off for now 🙂



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