How You Know, you smart lovely lady…

I finished reading “Yasmin How You Know?” in two hours. It has been a while since I last completed a book that fast. It helps that the content is easy to finish and remember. And boy, does the content leave an impression.

Her pesan reminds me of a long-buried-away wisdom I once hold dear – love what you do, be honest and sincere (ikhlas), and always remember that you only fear Allah and no one else.

Reading the fond remembrance of people who have been touched by her love, I now feel , instead of just know, what is it about her that is special. She surrenders every single ounce of her effort, every touch, every word and every action to God. She does not fear anything except God, and that translates into her bravery in standing up for everything she believes in. Professionally and personally, she shows that it is indeed possible to be making a living by being kind, honest and sincere. To be firm yet kind. To be hated yet not being bitter about it. To be able to forgive others, and most importantly, yourself. And it is possible to make great things by following your heart and not just solely relying on your rational mind (which at times may not be that rational after all).

You notice that I am writing about her in present tense. Reading her memoir, it feels that she is still alive.

In a way she is. Through her contributions, her work, her love for the country and humanity, her love. Period.

May your soul be bestowed Allah’s blessings. Al-Fatihah.


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