If at first you don’t succeed,

dust yourself off and try again,
you can dust it off and try again…try again…

So says the late Aaliy4h via that famous 80s song (or was it 90s?) “Try Again”.

So here I am, trying again to regain my passion to consistently typing my thoughts here 🙂

It is easy to drop into the hole of bad habit, and it is hard to climb out of it. Nonetheless good things do not come easy. And it has always been proven that what does not kill you, makes you stronger.

Just get to day 21, day 40, day 30, what say you. Just put a target and work towards that target. And leave the rest to Allah. InsyaAllah, you’ll find the way if your intention is good and for Him.

Easy to say? Yes, it is easy to say. That’s why I say it. so I can get it done.

Allah benci orang yang mengaku beriman tapi tak melakukan apa yang telah dikatakan (AlQuranul Karim, Surah Al-Shaff ayat 2-3) Hence I must do it now that I have said it. Else I deprive myself out of His Love and Compassion. Na’uzubillahi min zalik.


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