Oh, did I…

…just left this space outdated for 12 freaking days? Tsk tsk tsk. Bad writer, DH. Bad writer 😛

It’s been 12 days of heartaches, doubts and guilt on the career front. Wounds heal I suppose, but it’s heartbreaking to realize that someone who is supposed to push forward together with the rest of the team, couldn’t care less because to this person, he/she does not need to put the extra efforts because the return is just not worth it.

Life is changing super fast where we are now, and I do wonder at times if it is worth it. If the extra hours put in worth the sweat blood and tears inside.

The only thing that keeps me going nowadays is the fact that this is ibadah for me. This is my share for the Afterlife, and I am accountable to do my best here to be able to answer later if I have conducted my responsibility to the best of my ability.

I hope, truly hope, that I have done my best.


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