If you only had ten more years to live, would you do anything differently?

Wow. Another random topic suggestion, and one that makes you think. Think. Really. Deeply.

The short answer is: of course I would. The long answer is: of course I would, by….(but wait. Do I have ten years? For all I know, I could be gone this next minute!)

Anyway. I would make sure all needs of all my immediate family members are well taken care of. Physically, emotionally, financially and most important, spiritually. Although this is not something I’d do differently. This is definite and it’s an ongoing process, regardless when am I going to die.

I would also take care of myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Since having a deadline on your life typically means you’re suffering from an illness,  hence physically there’s nothing much you can do if it’s meant to be eating your life away, no? However, a physical illness can only be aggravated by an ill mind and soul…so I shall fix the inside. What’s within. Like what I’m doing now, fixing my inner self to be able to let my thoughts out again. The things I think about are too good to be kept to myself, I should share more and let people have the benefits of my thoughts 😉

I would definitely visit all the countries that hold all the wonders of the world. It’s been my lifelong dream to be present at these places. To see with my own eyes, and to feel under my own touch, these miraculous structures on earth. Made possible by people from so long ago and to be standing strong after all these years. Amazing.

Last but not least, I’d let the people that matter in my life know how much they mean to me. In whatever ways I can. And I’d do it my way, because the people who matter won’t mind and the people who mind won’t matter.

Nice end. Good night 🙂


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