I tried to use WP’s new feature, but…

…it took aeons to update in IE and I gave up. That was yesterday. It was the ‘post-from-WP-home-page’ feature. It looked good as I typed but suddenly the page hang. Malas la. Haha.

My new boss is in. After almost three months of having no immediate supervisor, it feels good and not-so-good at the same time. It’s good because there’s a certainty in guidance and supervisory role; somebody is actually watching my back. It’s not so good because no more feigning ignorance of the helicopter boss…somebody is actually watching my back in all sense of the word! LoL.

Ni macam ada parents la..absolutely necessary and big plus and must have, but at the same time you’ll feel restricted at times especially when you have to adhere to the unspoken rules. But this is the child in me talking. The adult in me knows that I’m trusted and I need to live according to the trust I earn.

When we talked yesterday, it was a good first talk. There’s an element of trust established and she is a person and a boss who knows what she wants and what she is doing. Yang malunya, ada soalan dia yang aku tak boleh jawab. Pasal diri aku pulak tu, bukan pasal kerja pun. But it got me thinking and when things or questions get your brain moving and pondering, it’s always a good thing. InsyaAllah. And the better thing is she’s also married with two kids. So she has a more grounded attitude and has more understanding of the balance needed.

Okay, looks like nowadays I’m not writing when I feel down. I’m writing when I feel up. So bug me to write more because feeling up is the way to go! 😀 😀 😀

*Don’t worry. I’m not bipolar. I’m having normal up-and-down phase anyone on this day and age feels. I think. Nasib baik ada blog to vent 😉


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