Working with people,

is no mean feat. You are working with their minds and hearts. And most of the time, matters of the heart which are not managed properly and effectively, tend to blow up minor issues to forefront and distracts many minds from the real objective.

It does not matter how professional you want to appear to the world at large. The rule of thumb is always to think with your mind and speak with your heart. Words can trigger emotions. Hence you need to choose your words. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – you scorn people when you think with your heart and speak with your mind. When your words hurt others, you get the brickbats. Why? Because anger is just hurt screaming out loud.

I am in the field where I need to hold on very firmly to the rule of thumb above. I need to think with my mind and speak with my heart all the time. My issue that I’m still working to improve with, is I tend to think with my heart and speak with my mind. And I hurt others and myself in the process.

Speaking your mind is not the most effective way to move forward with people we have relationships with, professionally or personally, most of the time. Always, always, speak with our hearts. Treat others better than how we want to be treated.

This is a reminder for me, myself and I, above all.


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