Where do I start?

It has been approximately two weeks since I last wrote. ONLY. Yet I feel like it has been aeons since then. Most probably because I went off writing. Totally. Not even on the good ole blank paper. Not even in my iPhone Notes. Nothing. Nada.

It’s all in my head and in my heart. Now, this is what I call a hiatus. Heh.


I just returned from Down Under two days ago. My first one week apart from Mr. Beloved (suddenly I feel like having a new term of endearment for the husband) and our first separation period after the wedding. It felt weirdly lonely and liberating, simultaneously. I’m sure all married people who are reading would understand exactly what this means. The nicest thing is Mr. Beloved sent me to, and fetched me from, the airport. (Mak joined him to send me off).

My parents and I, we’ve been independently going to and fro airports by whatever public transports there are, and the closest we’ve been to sending each other off is to drop the person going and the bags at the departure terminal’s sidewalk. To park the car at the airport parking lot is a very rare occurrence for us, because Bapak travelled so often that it’s impractical to do the goodbyes every single time. So in a way, this hantar dan ambik is something that I can get used to.  Although I don’t see myself doing the jet-setting stuff as often as Bapak did. No freaking way The Company, known for its frugal ways, will let me do that. Even if it does, I would not want it. Too freaking tired, man, travelling for work. Now I know in a small scale, how Bapak felt all those years. Heh.

So you may be wondering, why on earth didn’t Mr. Beloved join the trip? God knows I’ve been getting the question from many parties whom discovered I was going. You know how these people keep ribbing the newlyweds. We’ve been answering the question in a few ways, and it was either jokingly, seriously, gracefully or sarcastically (depending on who’s asking). Truth is, Mr. Beloved cannot afford to skip his classes anymore. His students have been getting long breaks over our wedding, Ramadhan and Syawal. So it’s back to crunch time (Mr. Beloved is the teacher, not the student).

Of course answering the truth illicit comments of various natures from the questioners. But I am increasingly accepting the fact that in a typical close-knit, caring and close society of my racial background, the question will never stop until the day I die. I am not surprised that even during a funeral, there will be a few well-meaning souls who will wonder whether the deceased will be going to heaven or hell.

(I’m simultaneously downloading the latest version software update of my device which is a legacy of the late Encik Pekerjaan. I have 5 hours to go.)

I’ve been on leave since my return and I’ll only be back in office on Monday. I wish I can extend my leave. However hearing my staff’s voice on the phone upon arrival Wednesday night (her texts came in the moment I switched on the phone upon landing), I think not. I am, after all, a responsible supervisor 😛

In the next entry, I’ll share about the new stuffs I have at home now. Namely an aquarium full of fishes and a newly transformed mini garden in front of the house. Yes, I love being married 🙂

Good night!



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