Keeping Abreast of Current Issues

I must admit, I am not one who reads newspapers as a habit. It’s ironic, considering how much a bookworm and a bibliophile I am. On the other hand, it’s not so surprising when you discover my true motivation and objective in reading.

I read to escape the reality. I read for fun. I read for the emotions reading invoke, not so much on the knowledge. However, transforming from a reader to a writer does require me to change my reading objectives.

I need to read to gain knowledge. To get supporting facts. To increase my familiarity with what is being read by people nowadays, and to continuously build my bank of ideas to write about.

I can’t rely on what I love to read on my own anymore. For all you know, I love outdated stuffs so it won’t sell in the current mass market when I go and publish my writings.

So back to the original topic, me keeping abreast of current issues. I’m opening The*Online newspaper right now, reading the latest news. I must say, the tone and content of the news remind me of why I am not attracted to reading it in the first place.

Too darn depressing and boring. But necessary. Do what is necessary. Do what a responsible writer would do. Be a responsible writer by being a responsible reader.

Okay, once I chant these so-called mantras forty times and more, I would be believing it for real 😛


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