Halfway through Ramadhan,

I’m feeling great so far. Not so happy about the lack of weight loss, but it couldn’t be helped when I take heavy ‘moreh’ almost every night after completing terawih and tadarus at Babah’s place with Abang. Nanti tak makan, kecik hati orang tua…maka jamahlah sikit (yang lama-lama jadi bukit).

It is still an ongoing issue of practicing to say NO in a nice yet unarguable way. Nobody’s issue but my own, that. Tak payah la bagi alasan perasaan dan perangai orang lain yang memaksa…kalau sendiri tak nak, takkan jadi. Tepuk sebelah tangan takkan berbunyi kan? Heh.

Ok time to go. Da!


2 thoughts on “Halfway through Ramadhan,

  1. at least you know lack of weight loss cause heavy moreh. i dont eat much but nothing is losing! lol

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