Esok terbang, tapi…

…belum pack baju!
…belum siap tugasan!
…belum itu, belum ini!
Yang sudah? Mata SUDAH mengantuk….hahahahaha….serius kelat betul mata sekarang. Macam adrenalin sejak sebulan yang lalu sudah habis digunakan. Sekarang cuma mahu lelap, lena dan pejam mata.

I so need to hit back the gym or at least the jogging track. Graf stamina sudah merudum. Graf jisim badan masih maintain – even go down a Kg or two – but I am not fooled. This is like the calm before the storm! Heh.

Ok, being married doesn’t mean my all-over-the-place ramblings stop. My life changes. Last I checked, my mind and heart is still very much mine. Only they’re becoming bigger to include another person in the share of the mind/heart pies.

Yes, people. It’s not about losing your individuality. It’s about enhancing who you are, in all sense of the word ‘enhancement’. But then, don’t just listen to me, a 17-day-old in the new world. Ask around those veterans of many years.

An office friend wrote in a gift card to me – “Passion and Patience are the keys!”

So true. Oh so true. Thank you.


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