19 days to go…

…to a new life. InsyaAllah.

To a life of companionship. To a life of responsibilities and decisions. To a life of ongoing discussions, communication and tolerance. To a life of trust, respect and loyalty. To a life of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, anger and hurt, smiles and grievances, everything and anything. All things to be experienced together, with another person. Right now a stranger, going to be a part of me.

No more being alone, no more thinking just of myself and no more just me-time to be considered. Me-time is just a portion of a whole side called us-time.

To a life of love. InsyaAllah.

I am by nature a hopeless romantic and an idealist. My view somehow has always been glass-and-peachy-tinted. I have worried about things in my circle of concern. I am working on increasing my circle of influence and reducing my circle of concern – things that I don’t have full control on. I have been warned and cautioned by well-meaning good friends and relatives that it’s not going to be all beds of roses. And he is treating me realistically. I am sharing his worries and problems, and he mine. I am under no illusion that life is going to be easy.

But it’s going to be a real and different life from right now. And if navigated fairly and according to the Deen, InsyaAllah it’s going to be a better life. I trust that, completely. InsyaAllah.

May Allah carry me and him all steps of the way, and may we stay on His path until the end. Please pray for us. Ameen.


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