To my other best friend.

I miss you. Memories are forever, true. And love shall remains. In our case, however, love means accepting that we are best with whom we are with now, whom we  become better persons with. And love is us wishing the best for each other – apart rather than together.

Always have I loved you, but forever I am and will be in love with him. And watching you with her, I see the light I didn’t see when we were us. So we were us to bring each other back after all, nothing more and nothing less. I truly believe that 🙂

I don’t think you’ll ever read this…even if you do, you may not know that it’s for you. It’s alright. It can be for anyone who doesn’t end up with the person they think they are going to end up with. Our story is not such a one-of-a-kind story…we share this path with a lot more people than we thought.

Contrary to popular belief, each of us are special but we are not that special 😉


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