Dah lama gila tak update blog.

Entah ada orang baca lagi ke tidak blog ni entah?

Dah la blog rasmi pun tengah tak boleh access sebab lupa password.

Padan muka. Haha.

I wonder how long can I keep this space without feeling like I need to close it down just for closure. Sedangkan Y!Messenger tempat bertendang dan ber- segalanya masa zaman umur 20-an dulu pun akhirnya tutup versi desktop. Inikan pula blog? Demmm.


Sekarang dah 13 Ramadhan 1437H. Dah 13 hari berlalu. Termakbul ke doa? Terampun ke dosa? Melimpah ke rahmat? Wallahua’lam. I just do what I can, the best I can, at each point in time. Whether my best is good enough, Allah knows best. Sebab kalau ikut logik akal aku, manusia yang lemah lagi terbatas ni, tak cukup belaka.

Aku tetiba rasa tua. Sangat tua.

Oklah, nak bersiap pi berbuka kat rumah Ustaz. Salam.


On current challenges.

Page 21 of 366.

I won’t give up.

No one would give up.

Challenges exist to be overcome; nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t let things keep¬†you down.

You may be on the downside right now, but do believe that like all else, this too shall pass.

Because ‘down’ times are there so that you get that fire to go back up, to strive towards the top, to escape from whatever bottom you find yourself in.

All is and will be well.

Let’s go up!

It’s been 8 years since…

… I become a WordPress blogger.

Wow. Time flies when you’re having fun, eh?ūüėČ

(What¬†a cliche phrase to use. Time can also flies when you’re asleep.)

I have this fire in me to continue my creative writing. However, the right hand is also deciding that it’s time for the pain to return for a¬†recurrent experience.

Oh so fun.

Oh. OH! Happy New Year!

The ongoing new year joke is let us all feel twenty and look sixteen. Oh yeah. Hahaha.